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We at Valley Pines have been servicing many satisfied clients for the last 30 years...

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Valley Pines Assisted Living
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Valley Pines Assisted Living is an assisted living facility nestled in a beautiful neighborhood in Morgan Hill.

Patient and Caregiver Valley Pines Assisted Living is unique to the growing community industries popping up to serve the baby boomer population.

We are a family owned and operated retirement home for seniors with 30 years of experience. Valley Pines offers dignified assisted living in a beautiful comfortable environment located in two pine-studded acres enhanced by patios, gardens and walkways in sunny Morgan Hill.

Each member of our staff is part of our dedicated Valley Pines Family. Most have been with us for 10 to 15 years. Our staff understands the importance of knowing our guests' stories. We strive to reinforce an atmosphere of dignity, independence and the individuality to each of our resident family members.

We share their laughter and tears, their successes, joys and challenges. We never forget the personal family touch. We also keep in mind that the important ingredient in any family is the right balance between independence and support.

Secure your retirement with dignity, peace and control. Visit us at Valley Pines and learn more about us today!